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- Range Fee is $15.00 with own equipment

- $20.00 with rental

- Private lessons available


Tuesday Night Adult Classes 


Adult Archery Achievement
Tuesday / Ages 20+ 
This program is very similar to JOAD.
For those archers that have aged out of JOAD, and want to continue their progress, or are new to the sport, this class is for you.
Tuesday 6:15PM - 7:30PM
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.
​$ 25.00/per person, per hour

Thursday Night Leagues
Next League Starts 5-9-24 

Don't miss the Flint Round. It is a challenging indoor shoot at 6 different distances (20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, 50ft, & 60ft).
Thursday 6:30pm
For all of those archers who are: competitive, training for a tournament, or want to practice at a high level, league nights are perfect for you!
​$ 15.00 a night and lasts for 6 weeks

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) 
Saturday / Ages 8-20
This class is designed to teach archery to young people, over a series of classes taught by certified archery instructors. JOAD offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. With it comes the opportunity to earn certificates and achievement awards. 

View the new Indoor JOAD Scoring Matrix

Classes are at 9:00am -10:00am and 10:30am - 11:30am

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Space is limited.  
$ 15.00/Hour with equipment
​$ 15.00/Hour with rental equipment

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are 1 hour sessions that are 1 on 1 with an instructor. Coordinate with an instructor to schedule an appointment.
Private Lessons are only available by appointment.
$ 75.00/per person, per hour  ( Starting 5-1-23 ) 

Want to schedule a private lesson? Call( 707) 745-0447 or go to

Open Range Hours 12pm to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday

Open Range Time (General Shooting)

Click to view open range hours
$20.00/HR with rental

$ 15.00/HR with own equipment
(See hours above for modified hours and rules)

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